The advances of technology and communications have made smartphone an integral part of our daily routines. Unfortunately, looking at the smartphone screen for an extended period of time will result in eye damage due to excessive exposure to blue light, as it is able to penetrate through the rear part of the eyes due to its high level of energy wave.

To keep your eyes healthy despite being active on smartphone, you can do the following tips.

1. Blink, blink and blink

If you experience a blurry sight after looking at your phone screen all day long, it’s a sign of digital eye strain due to digital exposure. Unfortunately, this is a symptom often overlooked by most people until it turns chronic, as said by Dr. Matthew Alpert, O.D.

One of the effective ways to prevent this disorder is to blink periodically in order to keep the eyes moist and prevent them from drying or irritation. According to, most people tend to blink only a third of their usual blinks in front of the phone screen. So, remember to blink approximately 10 times every 20 minutes to keep your eyes moist and your sight focused.

2. The 20-20-20 Rule

Another effective way to prevent eye strain is to apply the 20-20-20 rule. Often applied by PC users, this rule is also applicable for loyal smartphone users. Every 20 minutes, take a look at another object within the distance of 20 feet for at least 20 seconds. Do this regularly to relax your extraocular muscles.

3. Let your eyes rest

If your work requires you to frequently stay online on your smartphone, you will also have to be smart in your time management, by at least reducing the use before bedtime. A research quoted by Dr. Matthew suggests that exposure to blue light will reduce the production of melatonin, prompting sleep deprivation.

Should this be a recurring occurrence for an extended period of time, it is possible that your eyes experience light irritation, such as red eye, itch, smarting or watery. Immediately use Eye Mo Regular Eye Drops to relieve the light irritation in your eyes due to its active agents that kill the bacteria, available in two sizes: the first aid kit-ready 15 ml and the pocket-sized 7.5 ml.

As pleasurable as being active on your smartphone can be, do limit its use to keep your eyes healthy.

Quick fact

Normal eyes will blink 12 times per minute, but these blinks will decrease when we are focused on a monitor.