Your eyes start feeling unwell after hours of using gadgets? You may be experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome, or also known as Digital Eye Strain. According to American Optometric Association, an American adult spends an average of 7 hours in front of the computer or smartphone.

Before this escalates into a worse disorder, get familiar with the following early symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

1. Dry eyes

This typically occurs when your eyes are lacking moisture, derived from eye water. The main symptom is itch or a blocking sensation in the eyes. To prevent this from happening, one of the simple ways is to blink your eyes. As trivial as this method seems, it is quite effective to keep your eyes moist.

For best results, you may want to have Eye Mo Moist Eye Drops ready at all times. As artifical eye water, the 7.5 ml-sized product contains active agents that can overcome dry eyes and kill the bacteria. Apply the eye drops onto the eyes when itchy or dry.

2. Eye fatigue

Staring at the phone screen with strong brightness setting, especially in a dark room, can cause fatigue or heaviness to the eyes. Extraocular muscles that work intensively will begin to experience weakness.

In addition to proper brightness, also suggests taking a rest or doing relaxation exercises. Stay away from gadgets then close your eyes and take deep breaths through the nose. Hold your breath each time for four seconds then exhale. Continue until 15 or 30 seconds and repeat every few times during the day to smoothen blood circulation to the eyes.

3. Blurry Sight

This typically occurs after a few straight hours of staring at the gadget screen and causes the eyes unable to spot subtle details. If you neglect this, it will lead to near-sightedness.

As a prevention act, keep your distance with your gadgets, for instance 16 inches away from the eyes. In addition, turn your sight away and look at the distance for 20 seconds every 20 minutes you use your gadgets, in order to give your eyes the opportunity to keep their focus.

Recognize the early symptoms to eye disorder, handle it immediately to prevent further damage.

Quick fact

Rest your eyes every 5 minutes within an hour without looking at the monitor to prevent eye fatigue.